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Welcome to Corona Virus Alerts – our mission here is simple: to provide education, live updates and help intervene in the spread of the China-borne disease that is exhibiting the potential to become a pandemic.

We are a team of bi-partisan independent citizens who believe in taking action against potential pandemics first and not wait for government organizations to step in and ensure our safety. At the time of this writing, the W.H.O has yet to address the severity of the Corona Virus.

Here are some resources to help you contend with the virus and prepare for the worst (should events happen to take that unfortunate turn):

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  • In the event that the virus continues to worsen, visit out Preparedness Center to stock up on common survival items as well as learning resources.

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  • The Virus & You – Videos & articles to get you up to speed on how the virus is spreading, travel alerts, lockdown alerts, contagion notices and more.

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