Alternatives to Toilet Paper (All available on Amazon)

alternatives to toilet paper

Before we start into our guide on Alternatives to Toilet Paper, we encourage you to also visit the Preparation Center for an extensive list of common items you should have in supply.

You’ll likely notice that we’ve omitted tissue from the list as, at the time of writing, supplies of all brands are already dwindling and therefore isn’t worthy of a mention.

What you have are four suggestions (one of which has two options) for you to consider as manufacturers scramble to keep up with demand for toilet paper.

Bidets: A lot of people, especially in the west, are turned off by bidets. The idea of washing one’s posterior with a (light) stream of water is a total turn-off. Well, it just so happens to be the most sanitary way to clean up after a #2.

Using bidets results in almost no traces of bacteria being left behind – something that cannot be said about toilet paper, which will still leave you unclean, no matter how white that final wipe happens to be.

Also, if you can get comfortable with bidets, they offer great value. The average American family can find itself paying hundreds a year for toilet paper.

This simple bidet will cost you $50 one time and take care of you and your family for many years to come, making it the best of all alternatives to toilet paper.

Wet wipes: Slightly more expensive than conventional TP, Wet Wipes are the middle ground to paper and a bidet and when both online and offline store shelves are empty, these make a great replacement.

Wet Wipes will also leave you feeling fresher and women discreetly tote them around in their purses for use in public toilets. The best bulk value on Wet Wipes is here.

Dude Wipes: Absolutely no difference between Dude Wipes and regular Wet Wipes, save for the fragrance, which is more masculine, for those who want to keep things manly, even during a pandemic.

Cotton Pads: Smaller, and requiring more precision when wiping (you have a much narrower margin of error), cotton pads are one of the least considered alternatives to toilet paper, but a worthy addition to your pantry, nonetheless.

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