Corona Virus Containment – Start by Washing Your Hands

^^^Super insightful video on what’s really going on from the inside
as well as commentary on why the virus is spreading so quickly within China^^^

The Corona Virus has emerged very quickly – so much so that at this present time there are no vaccines or medicines to combat it and health officials still aren’t quite sure how to care for presumptive cases.

What we do know, however, is that there are measures in place – so why is it then that, even in the face of a potential pandemic, we still can’t get some members of society to co-operate?

Ever see the movie Contagion, starring Laurence Fishburne and Kate Winslet?

It’s a grim look at what could one day happen to our society (as has happened in other mass extinction events in the past).

About halfway into the movie, all people across the country have been made well aware that basic hygiene is one of the most effective ways to stall the virus.

And yet, there is a scene in which a secondary character is part of a line-up of people waiting for a shot of a vaccine at a pharmacy.

One of the men in the line is coughing every five seconds or so…and makes zero effort to cover his mouth.

When the secondary character asks him to cover his mouth, he replies with “Fuck off, Lady!” and continues to contaminate the air in the room.

China, where the virus is stemming from, has a reputation for being a population that doesn’t believe in watching its hands (keep that in mind next time you’re there and ordering food from a restaurant).

Here in the west, while proper hygiene is taught in schools and implored by polite society, it is not enforced.

For proof, just go stand in a public bathroom, be it at a mall, restaurant – anywhere public – and observe how many people either merely rinse their hands after a number 2…or don’t wash at all.

Unfortunately, the Chinese government is far too occupied doing PR work in overtime trying to save face in light of the fiasco of how poorly the Corona outbreak has been handled to be focusing on forcing its population to embrace basic hygiene practices.

While the west can do nothing to change the behavior of its less hygienic members of society, it can, at the very least, do more to block the entry of the Chinese until the virus begins showing signs of abetting.

Sure, this is a controversial measure, one that would no doubt arouse accusations of xenophobia and racism, but at what point do we shrug these notions aside as a means of taking the massive action that the Chinese government will not?

Recommended Basic Safety & Prevention Equipment:

Wrap-around safety glasses

Medical-grade safety mask

Medical-grade vinyl gloves

Corona Virus Spreading Saliva

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