Stocks of Hand Sanitizers Lowering in Wake of the Corona Virus

British drug store chain, Boots, is forced to ration hand sanitizers as people panic-buy in fear of the corona virus

hand sanitizer coronaThe bad news about the corona virus is that it is proving to pose a viable threat.

The good news is that this pandemic (that no one wishes to refer to as such) is forcing folks who would be otherwise hygiene-averse to level-up and keep themselves clean.

However, the sudden change in people’s attitude towards living a more hygienic lifestyle is taking its toll on supplies of hand sanitizers in the brick-and-mortar retail sector.

It was recently reported that a leading drug store chain in the United Kingdom had to limit sales of hand sanitizer to two bottles per customer.

Hand sanitizers are not the only item starting to go into short supply in the physical retail sector. It appears that many consumers concerned with the spread of the corona virus are turning to online sources for to supply themselves with protection.

Would it surprise you to hear that the #1 best selling item in Amazon’s “Health & Household” category is protective face masks?

Curiously enough, it should also be noted that the second and third best selling items in that category are Clorox and Lysol disinfecting wipes.

This, of course, isn’t helped when figures such as President Trump downplays the severity of the corona virus, making people realize that they need to take matters into their own hands.

So far, authorities have denied just how much of a threat the corona virus poses and if you’re seeing capitalist industries like the Boots drug store limiting sales of hand sanitizer and thousands upon thousand of consumers turning to online sales for common items, it’s a sign.

One thing to consider is to set up a supply cellar and start stocking up before the next wave of panic-buying sets in.


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