How restaurants could spread the Corona Virus

In previous posts here on Corona Virus Alerts, we’ve offered tips on how to mitigate your chances of contracting the COVID-19 with simple hygiene habits and armed you with early stage preparation tips.

Now it’s time to look at a hard truth: one of the reasons Corona is spreading rapidly, and other viruses and diseases successfully spread is because…the majority of human beings are well, gross.

The very fact that it took a pandemic for hand sanitizer to disappear off store shelves is very telling about how little consideration humans give to basic sanitation and hygiene.

So when the vast majority of the people you share your society with practice bad hygiene, then it only makes sense, when facing a pandemic, to avoid potential hotbeds of viral spreading such as restaurants.

We strongly recommend that you watch the video in this post as it paints a very clear picture of the dangers that public eateries pose in such times.

Best of all, the video reviews not just any restaurant – it covers buffets, where your immune system is at the mercy of not only the staff’s ineptitude, but that of fellow diners.

***Word of warning***: DO NOT watch this video while you’re in the midst of eating or if you’ve just eaten (on that same token if you’re dieting and looking for a way to curb your hunger, this video WILL eliminate your appetite).

If you do insist on going to restaurants:

Stay away from salads (you wouldn’t believe how they’re washed)

Pasta is the number most unsanitary food to eat at restaurants

Deep fried food might be artery clogging, but it’ll be the safest

Large chain restaurants tend to have the most inexperienced/underpaid staff and therefore pose the highest risks

McDonalds is your safest bet if you’re going for fast food

The hidden bonus of avoiding restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic is that you’ll save money, stay healthier and, if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, it opens up the opportunity to hit YouTube or crack open a book and step up your culinary game.

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