Wuhan Corona Virus: Inside a Ghost Town

This is indeed a very chilling video put together by Ben Kavanagh, an ex-pat living in Wuhan, China – the region where the outbreak of the Corona Virus stems from.

What strikes us as the most troubling aspect of this video is that it gives us a eerie look into what our outside world / society can look like sooner much rather than later.

Wuhan has a province of 11 million people, making it far larger than New York City, however, from the moment Ben steps out onto the street, this metropolis is almost entirely a ghost town – even the city’s massive ten-lane roads are completely empty.

One of the purposes of Ben’s excursion into Wuhan’s streets is to visit one of the local grocery stores so that he and his friend can stock up on supplies in the event that the lockdown gets even worse and they have to hunker down for an extended period of time.

NOTE: If you believe the Wuhan Corona Virus might force you into an extended period of seclusion, be sure to check over our Preparedness Center.

Once Ben reaches the supermarket is where we get an anxiety-inducing glimpse of the images we’ve seen before, be it in fictive scenarios (shows like The Walking Dead) or real life instances, such as after Hurricane Katrina and in Venezuela.

The line-ups in the supermarket are huge with people waiting in line to pay for over-stuffed shopping carts. Thankfully, everything is civil, but it’s clearly evident that everyone’s preparing for the worse.

The only upside to the Wuhan Corona Virus situation is the lesson it is clearly teaching us and forcing us to keep in mind, even in the most comfortable times: Be prepared.

Just a few days ago, the vast majority of society was complacently waltzing through their daily routines, only to be shaken out very suddenly and scrambling to catch up to ensure their safety.

Surviving a potential pandemic (or other widescale emergency event) always hinges on having a survival plan in place.

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Wuhan Corona Virus

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